is a free service search engine that is dedicated in bridging the gap between you and the Lebanese world.
It is about making a connection between what we know, and what you want to know.
Our mission as an advanced search directory is to make sure that you know what to do and where to go in just two clicks within the Lebanese community.

We are able to highlight any relevant location found within the Lebanese geographic grid, enabling you to access any information you may need regarding your destination. Easy direct searching, expanded search categories, and clear information listing of all main restaurants, universities, schools, banks and whatever comes to your mind, makes this web portal go that extra mile you need. What makes unique to its predecessors is that its schema was designed in a way for you to find what you want in an easy, simple, and clear process.

The concept behind the creation of is for it to be used as a free, user friendly and reliable source of information that will become integral to the activities of your daily life.
Our knowledge is at your service.

We need your help in making the ultimate search engine you have always wanted.
Our ears are wide open for suggestions in making your personalized version of a website you can come to
rely on.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and carefully revised.

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